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Yahoo! releases a free streaming service

streaming service

Love TV but hate paying for it?

Yahoo! has a new streaming service you should check out.

Yahoo! View is a new streaming service that offers the last five episodes of ABC, NBC and FOX shows to cord cutters for free (delayed eight days from the date of original broadcast). Not only will you be able to watch recent episodes of popular shows, but you will also be able to go “beyond the episode” and find a detailed look at each show including deleted scenes and making-of content.

You can even use a picture-in-picture mode to browse the Yahoo! View site as you watch your show.

“Video is an important part of Yahoo!’s strategy and we’re committed to delivering the best digital video content to our users. To date, we’ve streamed amazing experiences across sports, finance, and news,” says Phil Lynch, Vice President and Head of Media Partnerships. “This partnership with Hulu is a natural extension of that strategy, bringing the best of TV & entertainment content to our lifestyle vertical.”


But what about Hulu?

Yahoo! View’s partnership with Hulu gives its viewers access to the same content Hulu has on their free site. With this move over to Yahoo! View, Hulu’s free streaming option through a web browser will shut down. If you have been a user of the free streaming service, Hulu will be contacting you with an offer of a free trial of Hulu’s paid streaming service.

While some see the end of the free Hulu option as a loss, Yahoo! View’s new streaming service offers a few features that were never available on Hulu. Unlike the free option of Hulu, Yahoo! View will offer a mobile web option for watching on your phone and even plans an upcoming mobile app for Android and iOS. Since mobile video traffic accounted for 55 percent of total mobile data traffic in 2015 (via Cisco), this is a smart move for Yahoo! View. This is a major policy departure for Hulu who previously fought to keep their free option away from mobile users.

Other ways to watch

Yahoo! also plans to make Yahoo! View a community TV watching site by integrating with Tumblr. Viewers will be able to discover new content by following what their friends are watching as well as by connecting with content from like-minded people.

“As a TV junkie and Tumblr fan myself, I’m personally excited to have one place that brings together the best of free TV and Tumblr fandom,” says Jess Lee, Vice President of Lifestyles Product at Yahoo!. “Yahoo! View is our first step towards creating a powerful community TV-watching experience, but it’s really only the beginning.”

Currently, there is no word on apps for TVs or streaming players like Roku or Fire TV. For now, you will need a computer or a mobile device to watch Yahoo! View’s new free streaming service.