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Westminster, MD, meet Val. Val, I believe you’re already quite familiar with Westminster.

Val BortzMeet Val. She’s bringing fiber to Westminster, MD.

Not the “part of a balanced breakfast” fiber. “Next generation Internet powering the next generation of ideas,” crazy fast symmetrical gigabit Internet access optic fiber. You know: The tastier kind.

Val is the newest addition to the Ting team and is the City Manager for Westminster. She will, as the job posting put it, liaise with local government, utility and other representatives, attend local community events as an ambassador of the product and brand and generally continue to pave the way for Ting Internet in Westminster. It’s a very entrepreneurial position. Not the type of job you can major in in college. The type of role that is only as awesome as the person filling it.

She was drawn by the way we at Ting approach job postings. “The moment I read that, I knew I wanted to work here.” It’s important to note that she’s already on the team; this wasn’t just your standard job interview-style answer. “My greatest weakness? Oh. I guess it’s probably my extreme punctuality, attention to detail and perfectionism.” You know the sort of interview answer we mean.

From the first paragraph of said job posting:

“If you, like us, believe that the Internet is awesome and that cities with super fast, unfettered access are the future. If you want do your bit to help keep America on the forefront of innovation by offering the fastest Internet speeds available. If you love Westminster, MD and you can’t think of a better place to start then oh my, My oh my (oh my), have we got the career move for you.”

Before joining the Ting team, Val was the Assistant Principal at the local Career and Technology school… so fair to say this is something of a different career track.

At the school, she saw the transformative power that crazy fast Internet access can have. Previously, with an Internet connection the school’s needs had outgrown, “lots of things weren’t happening,” she said. When the school was wired for faster access—not Ting gigabit Internet but maybe one day—she witnessed the changes that fast access can usher in first-hand. “The struggle isn’t the speed or the tools. The limiting factor becomes knowledge.” Handy. Precisely the gap that education is there to help bridge.

In the City Manager role, Val is excited at the “ability to make some incredible change.” Connected to the local Chamber of Commerce and having closely followed the innovative public / private partnership and already dealing with the local players that are working on the network build-out, she’s in a unique position to help make it happen.

Ting and Westminster each have a great advocate in Val. Welcome to the team!