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The WaterLily turbine: charge your phone with wind and water

The WaterLily turbine

Need power when camping? Wondering how to charge your phone while you’re camping off the grid? Check out the small, portable, packable (if a little on the hefty side) WaterLily turbine. It might be perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

WaterLily is a portable turbine charger that provides a steady and constant stream of power when placed in moving water. Wind power is less constant and reliable than stream power but it’ll work too on a breezy day. Use the power WaterLily outputs to charge your phone when you’re camping off the grid. It beats solar charging on reliability and provides power to charge your phones, GPS units, GoPro, LED lights and more day and night.

At 1.3 KG (2.8 lbs) WaterLily is made for base camp. Backpackers and through hikers would probably give it a pass.

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What is Ting Mobile anyway?

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