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Unique ways to save money

Unique ways to save money

If you’re part of the Ting fam, this won’t be news, but for new inductees to the world of Ting Mobile, there’s something you should know about us. We are obsessed with helping our customers figure out how to save money. With help from our money-saving tools and wealth of tips on lowering data usage, Ting customers enjoy an average monthly bill of $23. The thing is, we also love finding unique ways to save money in everyday life. While we’ve covered the topic before, we thought we’d begin the year by covering some unique but effective ways of keeping more of your hard-earned cash in your wallet!

Services by students

One unique way to save money is to go to schools for a variety of trades.

Looking to acquire some personal services on the cheap? Resourceful savers suggest checking out schools and apprentices across a variety of trades. If you’re in need of a haircut, dying your roots or beard trim, heading over to your local hairdressing academy could get you all gussied up for way less. You’ll likely be able to save by going to many different types of trainees. If you’re lucky, you can even score free services (for example, some dentistry schools offer free cleanings by their students on certain days). The one caveat–be sure to use your common sense when choosing which services to rely on students for. The results of getting an apprentice electrician two months into his program to overhaul your business’ electricals may not be worth the savings, for example.

Don’t be shy about DIY

Unique ways to save money include DIY home repairs and make-overs.

This is a great tip on how to save money at home. Now, tackling something you’ve never done before is intimidating, no two ways about it. What we need to remember is that these days, professional instructions for simple tasks is just a click or tap away. If you’ve got the time, why pay to have your living room painted or your car buffed and polished when a quick YouTube search can give you the information needed to simply do it yourself? Naturally, the same common-sense rule applies here. Sure, there may be an instructional YouTube video, but we’d advise against trying to swap your car engine or relocating a supporting beam in your home. 

Switch to generic or value brands

Switching to an off-brand or generic brand could be one unique way to save.

We’ve been conditioned to think that the big brands are inherently better than the little guys. In certain cases, that may be true but now you’ll find more and more lesser-known and less expensive brands offering quality products. This is a good idea for those wondering how to save money on food. Established generic and value brands offer basic foods like pasta, rice  and canned goods that can save you a couple of bucks per purchase. And don’t forget, even with more expensive items like electronics, sometimes the more affordable brands are made with the very same components in the same factory. Taking the time to do a little research (thank you, online review sites) can save you hundreds of dollars while ensuring you’re still buying a quality product. 

Spend a little more, save a whole bunch

Unique ways to save money - spend more to save more.

Wait, what? 

We swear we’re not trying to be paradoxical here. Your first thought might be we’re echoing the advice from your Dad in his wise-Dad-voice, “good things ain’t cheap, and cheap things ain’t good.” As we’ve mentioned, though, that’s not always the case. A better rule of thumb here would be if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. 

What we’re referring to is purchasing items that may be a bit more expensive, but will save you money in the long run. Low energy appliances, light bulbs and the like are a great example. The use of more efficient components may bump the price up a little, but over their lifespan, they’ll save you considerably more than the extra you spent. If it’s in your budget, incorporating renewable energy will almost always result in overall savings.

Shop around for utilities and recurring services

Unique ways to save money - shop around for utilities and recurring services.

Hey, that deal you got on your Internet service in 2017 was pretty sweet–no doubt about it. The mistake we often make is assuming, “well they were the cheapest then, so I bet they’re still saving me a bunch of money now.” With all the competition between service providers, there are constantly challengers offering amazing deals, especially for new customers. And we should use that to our advantage! By regularly comparing your insurance, Internet, phone and utility providers’ prices, you’ll always know where the biggest savings are.

Pro tip: look for the most inexpensive that doesn’t lock you into a contract so you’re always free to comparison shop. Hm. No contracts, great rates… reminds us of a certain mobile phone company.

Promo Code Sites

More likely than not, you’re familiar with the app and browser add-on Honey. With the ability to automatically check your checkout cart on whatever e-store you may be using and apply available online coupons, it’s unsurprisingly become a smash hit. Then there’s Groupon, where you can find special offers from different retailers and service providers. However, long before Honey and Groupon, there were promo code sites. On these websites, you search the specific store you’re interested in, and it’ll show you all the coupons available at that time. There’s a long list of these sites, so if you keep checking them all, you’re sure to find some great deals. 

By thinking outside the box a little and looking for unique ways to save money, you can save even more than you already are on everything from food to home repairs. When it comes to cell phone service, your best bet for savings is Ting Mobile because you pay for only what you use. When you use less, you pay less. You’re in total control of how much you pay per month, letting you save money to spend on what’s important to you. You can also save on the entire family’s phone bills by pooling all your usage into one account. See if you can bring your phone to Ting!