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Ting Tested: All four iPhone 13 models

All four iPhone 13 models

This past month, we were able to get our hands on iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. We handed each one to a Ting Mobile employee so they could take the phone for a test drive and share their thoughts. And now, dear reader (who may be contemplating whether to purchase the new iPhone, and, if so, which one) we’d like to share those thoughts with you!

iPhone 13 Pro Max

A side view and rear view of the top left corner of iPhone 13 Pro Max

Our reviewer’s closing paragraph sums up her thoughts nicely:

iPhone 13 Pro Max is a premium smartphone that demonstrates its value in its build quality, camera capability, display, processing speed and user experience. You get a battery that lasts, a professional-quality camera in a smartphone, a large and beautiful display, 5G capability, and an innovative operating system (plus bragging rights of owning the most premium iPhone on the market).

iPhone 13 Pro

Picture of the top left corner of iPhone 13 pro with a "ting tested" badge next to it

The combination of the impressive camera, beautiful screen and a more pocketable size than iPhone 13 Pro Max drew this reviewer to the Pro:

iPhone 13 Pro is the right iPhone for me primarily due to the photos I can take with the Pro camera system. It also has that big, fluid display that I can still use one-handed. Plus, I expect the A15 Bionic chip and 5G will give me years of top-notch performance.

iPhone 13

Top left corner of the iPhone 13 with a "Ting Tested" badge next to it

Our iPhone 13 reviewer was quite pragmatic about making the decision of whether to buy the newest iPhone or not:

Were I in the market and not super particular about having the latest option, I think it would be very easy to slide into a model one or even two years older than iPhone 13 and not feel like I’ve lost out on much. Of course, there is always something to be said about future-proofing and having underlying hardware that may unlock new features in the next release. If that’s top of mind, then perhaps iPhone 13 is still the right phone for you. 

iPhone 13 mini

Top left corner of iPhone 13 mini with "Ting Tested" badge next to it

Ting Mobile’s iPhone 13 mini reviewer found it to be small but mighty:

Simply put, iPhone 13 mini is a powerhouse in a small package. If you’re looking to upgrade to iPhone 13 mini, I think you’ll be impressed with the display, camera and performance. iPhone 13 mini would be perfect if you’re happy with the size of your older iPhone (especially iPhone 5s or older), have smaller hands or need a super pocketable phone.

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