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What’s in store in the Ting Store?

Ting Store - An collage of phones representing broad selection

There were phones, phones, phones you should take home in the store. In the store. There were phones, phones, phones you should take home in the great Ting Mobile store. 

Raffi fans? Anyone? 

It’s actually called the Ting Mobile Shop but enough people google Ting store that here we are, writing this keyword-dense piece so as not to disappoint.

Whatever you call it, we’ve put a lot of work into the Ting Store Ting Mobile Shop and we’d love to tell you what’s in store when you visit.  


It stands to reason that the Ting Mobile Shop sells phones. Lots of phones. Great phones! From budget-friendly options starting around $100 up to the latest and greatest hero phones including iPhone and top-end Samsung Galaxy phones.

The most interesting stuff is happening in the mid-range though. From the budget-minded iPhone SE to great options from motorola and Samsung both, there’s plenty to peruse under the $400 mark. You’ll often find we’ve got phones on sale too.

Ting Mobile SIM card

Ting Store - A Ting Mobile SIM card

Joining Ting Mobile doesn’t necessarily mean getting a new phone. With a Ting Mobile SIM card, just about any phone can make the move. We’ve made it super easy to confirm that your phone will work on Ting Mobile. 

Once you’ve confirmed that, all you need is a SIM card from the Ting Mobile shop to get started. A Ting Mobile SIM card costs $1 with shipping included. A pretty good deal if we do say so ourselves.

Financing with Affirm

Ting Store - An illustration of a phone calendar app, showing payment date

The Ting Mobile Shop (or Ting store if you prefer) offers fair financing terms through Affirm. The terms differ based on phone price and Affirm’s credit assessment but phones can be had for as little as $10/mo. over 12 months. 

About the only thing you can’t get financing on is a Ting SIM card. Maybe we’ll work to change that; 12 easy payments of ¢8.3333… does sound pretty compelling.

Offers and promotions in the Ting store

We’re always on the lookout for a good deal that we can pass along to Ting Mobile customers. Check the Ting Mobile Shop to see what’s on offer right now. Look for discounts on phones, sure, but keep an eye out for other promotions too. Promotions that give credits to cover Ting Mobile service, for example.

So while it’s officially called the Ting Mobile Shop, you can rest assured there’s plenty in store.