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Switching from Sprint to Ting Mobile

Switching from Sprint to Ting Mobile - An image of a Ting SIM card being inserted into a phone

As of April 2020, Sprint and T-Mobile have officially merged. The outcome of this merger means Sprint’s network will fully shut down around January 2022 and every customer will have to switch from Sprint.

Unfortunately, because some Sprint phones work exclusively with the Sprint CDMA network, some customers will also have to get a new phone.

Since the Sprint network will be shut down in stages, the service is going to get worse over time, potentially causing dropped/spotty calls, slow data, and failed text messages.

If you use the Sprint network, now’s the time to start considering other providers. 

But don’t hop onto Google just yet, we’ll save you the trouble. Ting Mobile is your best option.

We’re an MVNO, which is essentially a smaller mobile provider that uses the larger providers’ networks. We aren’t paying for expensive network upkeep, which means we can offer the exact same service quality as the big guys, at lower prices!  

Affordable plans that fit

Ever notice that the larger companies offer basically the same options? The problem with this is that everyone needs something different from their phone plan.

If you’re making the switch from Sprint, why go to a big company that has the same tired plans? We offer a variety of plans designed to be flexible and affordable. 

For example, our Flex plan is wonderful for families who don’t use a lot of data – it lets you customize your service to fit your needs. It’s just $10/month per line for unlimited talk and text with pay-per-use data at $5 per GB.

A smartphone screen displaying details for the $10 Flex plan from Ting Mobile

The Flex plan also does something that the big companies’ plans don’t: it lets your whole family share the same data. That means you don’t ever have to pay for data you aren’t going to use. 

But what if you need all the data? Our Unlimited plan mirrors what you would expect from the big companies. Each line gets unlimited talk, text and 22 GB of fast data plus unlimited data at 2G speeds if you manage to go past 22 GB..

The best news? It’s just $45/month. 

Superior service

Switching from Sprint gives you the freedom to check out your options and think about what’s important to you. Service should be one of the top things on your list.

That’s the secret sauce of being an MVNO: we’re on the exact same networks as some of the major carriers – it’s just more affordable! 

On these networks, you’ll get the same coast-to-coast coverage that you’re used to and you’ll have the most up-to-date network technology. Also, not only do we have 5G, we include it in our prices.  We don’t make you pay extra to get the best. 

An illustration image of a U.S. map, suggesting coverage from coast-to-coast. Text reads: Get coast-to-coast coverage with Ting Mobile

Another area we like to differentiate from the big guys is our customer service. We have real humans assisting our customers, so you don’t need to talk to a robot.

It’s one of the reasons so many of our customers rave about our top-rated service

Freedom of choice

OK, here’s a big one: No contracts. We don’t lock people into anything.

We believe that you should have the freedom of choice and should be able to switch service if/when it suits you, not when it suits carriers.

Not having contracts also keeps us on the top of our game. If you don’t love the service, you’re free to leave. No fees, no hassle, no messing around.

We’re not worried though. We’re sure you’ll love Ting Mobile.

Bring your phone to Ting Mobile today! 

Switching from Sprint to Ting Mobile is easy and you can keep your current number.

If your phone is compatible (most phones are), there’s no need to buy a new one. All you’ll need is a Ting Mobile SIM card which costs just $1 including fast shipping. 

If you’re on an older Sprint phone and need an upgrade, we have great options from budget phones to hero phones, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Motorola moto devices in the Ting Mobile Shop

All that’s left to do is to pick a plan that works for you and get started with smarter mobile.