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Ting Mobile’s “Spread The Word” Samsung Galaxy A20 giveaways

A Samsung Galaxy A20 on a desk as an example of the phone in our giveaways

At Ting Mobile, we like to think we’re pretty great. 

We provide coverage on every major coast-to-coast network except AT&T, we have amazing customer service and our average bill is just $23 per month.

Our customers seem to love us too, and we get lots of comments saying lovely things like, “you guys rock, I wish I’d heard about you sooner!”

It’s lovely to hear but honestly, it also kind of bums us out. 

We feel bad that people are missing out on potential savings, just because they haven’t heard of us. Our customers, like Tammy, for example, are saving as much as $150 a month by using Ting Mobile. And so, the sooner people hear about Ting Mobile, the more they can save!   

That’s why we’re holding three phone giveaways to help spread the word about Ting Mobile so that more people can save their hard-earned dollars. 

Details on Ting Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy A20 giveaways


The giveaways will run each day from Monday August 3 until Wednesday August 5.


We’ll be giving away one phone per day across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We strongly encourage you to enter on all three platforms to increase your chance of winning. 

What do you need to do?

Solely asking you to tag your friends and family seemed a little boring to us, and at Ting Mobile we don’t do boring.

So, we decided to add a twist. We’ve pixelated three images, and we’ll be asking you to identify what’s obscured behind the distortion.

Then, because this is the “Spread The Word” giveaway after all, we’ll ask you to tag at least one other person in your comment/reply. 

This can be a friend, your mom, or even your arch nemesis. It’s up to you. You’ll only need to tag one person to enter, but the more the merrier! 

Okay, but most importantly, what are the prizes?

Well, as we mentioned, each day we’ll be giving away a phone. And as you may have guessed by the title of this piece, each phone will be the amazing Samsung Galaxy A20.

The front of the Samsung Galaxy A20 - win one this August during our giveaways!
Samsung Galaxy A20

Even a phone a day didn’t quite seem to cut it though, so we’ll be giving away some Ting Mobile swag and Ting Mobile credit to some lucky runners-up.

Good luck! 

All you have to do for now is wait until August 3, then just keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway posts and follow the instructions.

Good luck!