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Meet the Ting Mobile Set 12 plan

A phone, being held with two hands over a wooden table, displaying the breakdown of Ting Mobile’s Set 12 plan.

You may remember that we kicked off 2021 by launching our amazing new plans. We had such a good reception from our lovely customers, new and old, that we thought to ourselves, why stop there?

We truly believe that Ting Mobile is the best cell provider in America, and we’re committed to ensuring that regardless of your usage, there’s a plan for you on Ting Mobile.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in rapturous applause as we introduce…

The Ting Mobile Set 12 plan

Everyone uses their phone differently, and no one likes paying for something that they’re not using. So, what if you need more than the 5 GB of data offered on our Set 5 plan, but didn’t need to go all the way up to Unlimited

That’s where Set 12 comes in.

Finding that sweet spot between moderate and heavy mobile data usage, Set 12 allows you to scroll, share and stream without worrying too much about your usage while still allowing you to save some extra cash each month.

For just $35/month, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 12 GB of LTE/5G data 
  • Includes up to 8 GB of hotspot
  • Nationwide LTE, 5G coverage where available 
  • No contract

Nationwide coverage, no contract, and unlimited talk and text are great features that are included in all our plans. It’s the other features, however, that make this plan unique and perfectly suited to certain users.

12 GB + unlimited talk and text for just $35

Previously, if you needed more data than the 5 GB offered on our Set 5 plan, then you’d have to think about topping up your data, for $5 per GB, or consider upgrading to our Unlimited plan for $45/month.

At $5 per GB, data prices don’t get much lower than Ting Mobile’s and $45/month for Unlimited is a steal. 

But $5 per GB can quickly add up, and it’s no fun for paying for Unlimited when you only need a few more GBs.

This is where Set 12 shines. It allows you to use more than 5 GB, without worrying about data add-ons racking up. You’re saving $10/month over the Unlimited plan and not paying for data that you’re not using.

Not too shabby, eh?

Up to 8 GB usable as hotspot 

Being able to use two-thirds of your data as a hotspot allows you to tether to your laptop or tablet as needed, without having to worry about accidentally using up all your mobile data.

Unlimited 2G data

If you do end up going through all of your 12 GB of data, we’ve still got you covered with unlimited 2G data, at no extra cost. 

In real need of more high-speed data? You’re more than welcome to top yourself up for the month at just $5 per GB.

Who is Set 12 for?

As we’ve mentioned, Set 12 finds a nice middle-ground for people who know that they’re going to use more than 5 GB of data, but also know that they won’t need an unlimited data plan—and are looking to save where they can. 

Now we really do have a plan for everyone, at every level of data usage.

Save with Ting Mobile

Think Set 12 might be the plan you’re looking for? You can try it worry-free. If, after trying it out, you find you’re not using as much data as you thought, or you’re using more, then you can switch plans the following month! 

Also, with no contracts, if you find that Ting Mobile isn’t working for you then you’re free to come and go as you please. No fees. No messing around.

Why not see if your phone can come to Ting Mobile today?