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The savvy, smarter mobile user: be like Mauri

Smarter mobile can be this easy

Mauri and her family live in Utah. They currently save over $100 a month on their two phones with Ting.

Mauri knows firsthand how awesome it feels to escape an uptight contract and expensive unlimited plan. For a young family, every little bit can make a big difference. Saving on Ting means more money for nights out and time off.

“With Ting we have been able to cut our monthly bill by $100 which means more movie date nights for Mom and Dad.”

smarter mobile

Mauri uses her phone to call and text friends and family as well as work contacts. She’s a savvy but relatable smartphone user. Mauri understands that being aware of her family’s usage can save them hundreds of dollars and it doesn’t require that much work on their part.

Mauri and her family have Wi-Fi at home and work so they don’t really need to use data that much. Just to be sure, they set limits on their data in the Ting dashboard.

“We rarely pay for data. We have data limits to alert us when things are being used in excess.”

They download Google Maps for offline use, make calls on Wi-Fi through Google Hangouts and are sure to log on to public Wi-Fi when they’re out and about. Mauri loves Ting because her family can decide what their phone use looks like.

“Ting allows you to pay for what you use! They reward their customers, they care and they are easy to get a hold of.”

With Ting, when you use less you pay less. If you have Wi-Fi at home and work like Mauri, you really don’t need a lot of mobile data. For your commute or for when you’re in transit, you can download your music, maps, podcasts and more for offline use.

Smarter mobile can be this simple. Get started and sign up for Ting today.