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Samsung Galaxy S22+ Review

I recently had the good fortune of being able to spend a week with the new Samsung Galaxy S22+. Without a doubt, this is one of the best premium phones you can buy right now. While I evaluated the phone on its own merits, I couldn’t help but occasionally compare it to my Google Pixel 5—a less premium but still great phone. Here are my thoughts!

Form factor

With a glass front and back that sandwich an aluminum frame, there’s never any doubt that this is a high-end phone. The flat-edge sides feel comfortable and are easy to grip, even with the generous proportions of the S22+. Of course, one-handed operation is a bit trickier than my smaller previous model, but it’s not bad once you get used to it (if your hands are large enough, of course). It fit just fine in my pants pocket, though your mileage may vary.


The first thing I noticed with the display is great visibility in any lighting condition. “Vision Boost” provides a noticeable difference—no more struggling to view your screen in direct sunlight. With additional options for night mode and blue light settings, you can really optimize your viewing experience. Meanwhile, the adaptive refresh rate offers a buttery-smooth 120Hz rate when necessary (scrolling, gaming) and the ability to go as low as 1Hz, resulting in serious battery life savings.


I’ll be the first to admit I’m biased toward the Pixel and its camera abilities. However, I have to say that Samsung has stepped things up to challenge Google in that department. There’s the 50MP main lens, a 12MP wide lens and then a 10MP telephoto lens with an impressive 30x digital zoom. It’s almost unreal how close you can zoom in on a subject.

A variety of camera and video modes gives you multiple options for optimal photography captures based on your subject and setting. AI-assisted “Nightography” enables impressive low-light shooting. I love taking pictures in Portrait mode, and with the S22+ I find the experience comparable to my beloved Pixel which always seemed unbeatable in that department. Video capture also provides great results.

Battery life and performance

The S22+ lasted nearly a day and a half on a single charge with what I consider average use. The trick is that you have to make sure the adaptive power features are on to get that level of longevity. Using the fast charger, I was able to fully charge an empty battery in just an hour. 

I’m certainly not a power user, but it’s easy to tell that this phone packs more processing power than most users will ever need. Even when multitasking with multiple apps and browser tabs open (don’t judge me, we all do it), the phone was rocket fast. Speaking of apps, they load incredibly quickly—particularly appreciated when you want to capture a fleeting moment and need to open the camera app.

Final thoughts

One thing worth noting is that the Samsung S22 wasn’t a segment leader in the battery department this year. While it got me through a full day of use, the S22’s 3700 mAh battery is lackluster compared to other newer flagship phones. With its larger battery, the S22+ is likely to have a better showing here. To be honest, that’s the only thing I don’t love about the S22, but it’s nothing a daily charge can’t solve.

Final thoughts

The S22+ once again puts Samsung toward the top of the premium phone pile. Its build, camera, performance and battery life make it a winner in my book. There are other pros as well. The user interface is much easier to navigate than what I recall in past models I’ve tested. Sound quality (often overlooked) is extremely clear, both through the earpiece for phone calls and the bottom-mounted speaker for music or gaming. While I personally prefer a slightly smaller device, the stunning display the phone is built around makes the stretch needed for one-hand operation worth it. 

The S22+ is a great choice for anyone who wants a premium phone packed with software features that let it adapt to your phone usage style. It’s available now in the Ting Shop.