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Ting staff picks for top mobile games

As self-proclaimed phone and gaming enthusiasts, mobile games are the best of both worlds for us. And really, let’s just say it, from waiting rooms to the daily commute, having a couple of great portable games in your back pocket (literally) is one of the major perks of having a phone.

But it’s a bit disappointing when you get excited about a new game only to find out it isn’t compatible with your phone. Our staff did the heavy lifting for you and made a list of all our favorite games based on phone type, so you’ll have options no matter what your phone is. Take a look and get gaming!

Flagship Phones

Because these games are more dynamic and immersive, they work best on the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series. 

Rocket League Sideswipe

Free to play — iOS, AndroidOnline Multiplayer

If you’ve never played the console version, then this game can be summed up in one glorious phrase: Soccer with cars. Strange? Surely. But so good! 

This downsized version of Rocket League streamlines the original console experience of calculated action and unexpected chaos without sacrificing what makes it great. We also love the easy-to-understand mechanics and excellent controls. Definitely worth a download. 

Genshin Impact

Free to play — iOS, AndroidOpen World RPG

If you love getting lost in stunning landscapes and daring adventures, this is the game for you. This action-adventure role-playing game is packed with memorable quests and characters. From gathering and crafting items to fighting deities, you can’t help but want to endlessly explore the open world of Teyvat. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

Free to play — iOS, AndroidOnline Multiplayer

As fans of this popular franchise, we were ecstatic that a mobile version finally lived up to what we love about the console versions. Choose between two modes, Battle Royale and 5v5, with fan-favorite maps from the previous Call of Duty games. The best first-person shooter on mobile devices and it’s free!  


$6.99 plus in-app Purchases — iOS, AndroidAdventure & Building

A classic game for all ages where the sky’s the limit to what you can create! Bring your creations to life with endless materials in the game’s Creative Mode or start from scratch in Survival Mode. It’s your chance to bring your imagination to life, all in the palm of your hand. 

Sky: Children of the Light

Free to play — iOS, AndroidAdventure Game

Ready for an adventure that’s one of a kind? Then this is the game for you. From the award-winning creators of Journey and Flow, this open-world game has endless spaces to explore and a breathtaking art style. 

It’s hard to know what we love most. But from the impactful storytelling to the unique multiplayer experience — we know for sure we can’t get enough of it!   

All Phones

No matter which smartphone you have or are planning to get, these games will work great with it! 

Monument Valley

$3-$5 — iOS, AndroidPuzzler

Monument Valley is such a unique and fantastic game, we think it’ll impact the gaming landscape in a significant way. This is thanks to a relaxing vibe, attention to detail, satisfying puzzles and memorable visuals.

Even though it’s short, it’s easily one of the best mobile games ever. If you’re even just a little interested in gaming, definitely check this one out.

Slay the Spire

$10 — iOS, AndroidDeck Builder

Slay the Spire popularized a new genre of games when it was first released in 2017. Now available on mobile, it’s your chance to experience one of the best-designed card games ever as you explore mysterious dungeons, solve puzzles and battle baddies. With unlimited replayability, it’s definitely become one of our go-to waiting-room games. 

Super Mombo Quest

Free to play — iOS, AndroidPlatformer

This one is great for those who love classic arcades with a retro feel. Super Mombo Quest is a platformer with smooth controls and addictive gameplay. 

Explore a fantasy world with lots of collectibles, enemies to defeat and levels to clear. There are even some customizable elements that let you develop your own play style. And since it’s free, it’s great to pick up when you have some time to burn.  


Free to play — iOS, AndroidWord Game

This one is a straightforward word game that is easy to love. You’ll receive a new word every day and have six tries to guess it. Easy as that. But super fun. 

Plus, it’s great to gloat on social media about guessing a word in less than three tries. (Who doesn’t love sharing how smart they are on the interwebs???) 

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