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Refer a friend to Ting, make bank, repeat.

Seems we haven’t talked much about the Ting Refer a Friend program recently here on the Ting blog. Let’s rectify that right now.

Item 1 – The Refer a Friend program is rad

Whereas Ting is a cell phone service that eschews plans, contracts and other BS
Whereas Ting customers presumably have at least a couple of friends
Whereas everyone likes a deal
Be it resolved that Ting customers should totally refer friends to Ting.

If you’re happy with Ting, you’re going to tell friends about us. (If for any reason you’re not happy with Ting, we hope you’ll tell us). The Ting Refer a Friend program adds a couple of benefits to word of mouth referrals. Your unique refer a friend URL link, found in your Ting dashboard, lets you tie your friend referrals back to your Ting account so you’ll both earn credit. To receive credit, your friend must use your unique referral link when coming to the site to activate their device (instead of going directly to

Here’s the brief: You offer friends $25 off a new phone from the Ting shop or a $25 Ting service credit if they bring a phone to Ting, buy a SIM card or a refurbished device.

In return, you get a $50 credit for the first successful referral and $25 for every successful referral thereafter. The only limit on how many friends you can refer is how many friends you have.

We’re going to go ahead and assume that pretty much everyone has least a couple of friends. If a friend in need is indeed a friend… indeed, perhaps your friends would benefit from a more sane approach to mobile phone service.

Item 2 – There is no Item 2

Seriously, that’s it. Now go refer a friend to Ting.

Learn more about referring a friend to Ting in our help center article.