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My week with Google Pixel 4a (5G): an honest Pixel 4a (5G) review

Smiling woman using Pixel 4a 5G

Hey again, it’s your friendly Ting Mobile Marketing Manager, Miles. After my review of the Pixel 4a (the non-5G version), I’ve been invited to take this upgraded option for a spin. Presenting: our honest Pixel 4a (5G) review!

At just $499 in the Ting Shop, this phone is a fantastic piece of hardware. You can enjoy 5G on Ting Mobile today with this phone and be future-proofed as more and more of the network is built out.


Google is providing excellent value with all of their Pixel phones this year. The Pixel 4a (5G) offers the biggest screen in the bunch and its edge-to-edge display allows for some crisp video playback. I personally prefer the smaller screen size (5.81 inches) of the other Pixel 4a as it fits snugly in my jean pocket but I’m sure plenty of people will prefer the 6.2 inches of the 5G model.


In the Pixel 4a (5G), you get the same processor as the higher priced Pixel 5. I certainly experienced no lag when jumping between apps, taking lots of photos or playing a quick game of Grand Mountain Adventure. I wouldn’t say I noticed a massive difference to the standard Pixel 4a here but to be fair, I wasn’t putting either through the most intense testing during my weeks with them.


Here’s what you really wanted to hear about in this Pixel 4a (5G) review. Like any Pixel phone, the 4a (5G) shines when it comes to photography. Night Sight mode lets you brighten up the darkest of evening shots without the need for flash; Astrophotography mode means lots of lovely pics of the stars (unless you’re surrounded by light pollution); and Portrait mode allows you to get super artsy with close-ups of family, friends and pets. You’ll also get the advantage of an ultrawide lens (all the rage with many phone releases this year) and it’s a really nice addition for this price.

Google has also added some cool stabilization options when it comes to video so that you can get some really smooth shots. Even better, all of the camera’s different modes are clearly labeled and the pre-installed Pixel Tips app teaches you how to make the most of the camera.

This phone really does help an amateur like myself take some professional looking shots.


Despite having a fairly small 3,885 mAh battery, the 4a (5G) has plenty of behind the scenes tricks that get the most out of your charge. You also have the option to turn on additional features to eke it out even further. I comfortably lasted a day and a half without the need to refuel. 

Build quality 

While doing my Pixel 4a (5G) review, I found that while the phone’s plastic build doesn’t feel all that glamorous, it doesn’t feel at all fragile. There’s no water resistance rating but it does have a headphone jack which seems to be a nice bonus in this smartphone day and age.


Overall I think that this phone gives you great value for your money. Whether you opt for the $499 Pixel 4a (5G) or the $349 Pixel 4a is really down to personal preference. The addition of 5G is of course an exciting addition for some. If you also need a larger screen, don’t want to worry about any lag when gaming or using split screen, or want to really expand your photography skill set, then you should opt for the Pixel 4a (5G).