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Nine reasons to join Ting Mobile

Woman holding up nine fingers

Hey everybody–we just turned nine! (Celebration, dancing and much fanfare ensue.) While in human years this simply means more annoying requests from your parents to “act your age,” and in dog years it means you’re more likely to act like an old grump when that nine year-old kid grabs your tail, in our case it means we’re just entering our prime, thank you very much.

After years of disrupting the mobile industry and helping usher in an era of better, more affordable mobile service, we recently introduced our most compelling and cost-effective plans to date. While that in itself may be reason enough to make the switch, we have so much more to offer. What’s that? You dare us to name eight more? Challenge accepted, friends. Also, they usually don’t give us writers this much time in the spotlight so I’m going to milk this for all it’s worth.

You’ll save a ton of money

We’re not going to kid ourselves, out of the reasons to join Ting Mobile, this is the one you’re most interested in. Well, from day one we’ve been on a mission to save our customers money. We began with a revolutionary idea: Ting Mobile customers would only pay for the minutes, texts and data they used. We helped them learn how to use less mobile data, and as a result, Ting Mobile monthly bills were some of the lowest in the industry. 

However, times change, and with the greatly increased data needs for many users, we’ve changed too. We introduced a variety of new plans suited to different users. Starting at just $10, they range from offering shareable add-on data to unlimited data plans for as little as $45. Plus, all of our plans include unlimited talk and text. The end result is more money left in your wallet for you to spend on what’s important, like, oh I don’t know, a really sweet ninth birthday present.

You won’t sacrifice service quality

As a mobile customer, many times you’re faced with the choice of either a low monthly bill or reliable nationwide service. By choosing the best network partners, Ting Mobile customers experience excellent coast-to-coast coverage for much, much less. It may be our birthday, but our customers are the ones that get to have their cake and eat it too.

The freedom of no contracts

From the very beginning, Ting Mobile has believed in giving customers the ability to choose. We’re confident that you’ll love being with Ting Mobile, but if your needs should change, it’s pretty ridiculous for you to be locked into a contract with your only recourse being to buy your way out of it. Rest assured that with Ting Mobile, you’ll retain your freedom to find the plan that’s best for you.

Unparalleled customer support

When our customers refer us to friends and family, the second reason to switch after our crazy-low bills is almost always our top-rated customer support. You’ll finally escape endless holds and—wait for it—be connected directly to an actual human rather than a robot or recording with a tale of “longer than normal wait times.” If you prefer, you can choose to chat online, send a request through our online forms or engage with both support agents and fellow customers in the Ting community forums. Across all platforms, our support team takes ownership of questions and finding the answers. Our customers are quick to share the fact that this is one of the reasons to join Ting Mobile.

This office dog’s feelings will be hurt if you don’t at least check us out

Our social media game is on point

Don’t tell our social media manager I said this, but he does one heck of a job keeping our customers up to date with the latest developments both at Ting Mobile and in the mobile world as a whole. By following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ll also be privy to fun contests where you could win anything from bill credits to a new phone (and no, you don’t need to be a customer). Our Social Response Team, meanwhile, keeps an eagle eye on comments and messages in order to help customers in need. Ryan Reynolds wishes he had our social media savvy.

We once solved Thor’s mobile issues

Sure, he’s a thunder god and has an enchanted hammer, but when he has mobile problems, he comes to Ting Mobile for help. Okay, fine. Maybe, in this case, it was a Ting Mobile customer posing as Thor and one of our amazing support agents that quickly solved his problem while conversing with the Marvel superfan in full Asgardian lingo, but it’s still pretty spectacular. 

We have the coolest name

We would respectfully disagree with those who think this shouldn’t be one of the reasons to join Ting Mobile. And it’s not even a close match when it comes to the mobile provider with the coolest name. A bunch of letters or “Something something cellular?” No thanks. We’re that exciting noise that happens when you have a great idea, thank you very much. We also share a name with a delicious Jamaican soft drink and our name sounds like when people from the Caribbean or Ireland say “thing.” What can we say? We’re just too cool for our own good. 

You don’t want to miss what we do next 

In nine years, we’ve done a heck of a lot that has not just saved our own customers money, but actually helped pushed the industry in a more customer-friendly direction. And we’re just getting started. We’ve got quite a few exciting things coming down the pipeline, and we’d love for you to join us for the ride. For now, why not check out our exciting new plans to see which one will save you the most money?