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Meet the Ting Mobile Unlimited Pro plan

Unlimited Pro Plan details

There’s been a lot of excitement about our new plans, and for good reason. We’ve designed them so there’s an option that will save every type of user money on their monthly phone bill. Which plan is right for you? We’re here to help you decide with a deep dive into the features of each one. Today, we’re taking a look at one for the power user: the Ting Mobile Unlimited Pro plan.

Ting Mobile Unlimited Pro plan

While we’ve always believed that you shouldn’t be forced into paying for far more service than you need, some people simply need lots of high-speed data and don’t want to worry about going over their limit. If watching your data usage isn’t an option, or is quite simply too much of a bother, the Unlimited Pro Plan is for you. For $55, you’ll get a truly stacked plan:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 35 GB of LTE or 5G data
  • Includes up to 18 GB of hotspot
  • Nationwide LTE coverage, 5G coverage where available
  • No contract

Nationwide coverage, no contract, and unlimited talk and text are great features that are included in all our plans. It’s the other features, however, that make this plan unique and perfectly suited to certain users.

35 GB of high-speed data + unlimited talk and text for $55

In the world of mobile data, 35 GB is a heck of a lot. That’s why power users find this plan so attractive. Even if they use a bit less in a given month, they know that even during their most data-intensive periods they’re covered. And remember, for those months where you need a little more, you can top up at just $5 per GB.

Unlimited 2G data

If you do use all your high-speed data, you won’t be left high and dry—you’ll still be able to use 2G data at no extra charge. By the way, adding on more high-speed data is always your choice. We won’t just let you go over, then surprise you with overage fees.

18 GB of data usable as hotspot

Whether you can get your task done with your phone, your tablet’s larger screen, or the full keyboard of your laptop, you’ve got the mobile data to work with.

Who is Unlimited Pro for?

If mobile data is your bread and butter, this is your mobile plan. Influencers, vloggers that stream daily content on the go, and other such creatives will love the data allotment. It’s also excellent for professionals who not only are always on the clock, but also regularly need to create a hotspot as a reliable connection for other devices. This is also the perfect plan for those who don’t have a reliable home or office connection and use mobile data as their main source of Internet connectivity!

Save with Ting Mobile

Think the Ting Mobile Unlimited Pro plan may be the one you’ve been looking for? Give it a try worry-free. After trying it out, if you think another plan may better suit your needs you can simply switch plans the following month! For example, if you realize you never use more than 22 GB, our Unlimited plan will suit you better and save you some money. Plus with no contract, you’re free to come and go as you please.

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