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Meet the Ting Mobile Set 5 plan

Ting Mobile Set 5 plan details on a mobile phone

There’s been a lot of excitement about our new plans, and for good reason. We’ve designed them so that there’s an option that will save every type of user money on their monthly phone bill. Which plan is right for you? We’re here to help you decide with a deep dive into the features of each one. Today, we’re taking a look at the Ting Mobile Set 5 plan.

Ting Mobile Set 5 plan

Ting Mobile customers have always been savvy when it comes to saving money on their mobile bills. Part of that is understanding that not everyone needs an unlimited data plan. Some phone companies may try to force you into one by giving you the choice of unlimited or an unreasonably small amount of data. The Set 5 plan is designed for those who aren’t heavy mobile data users but want a comfortable amount available when needed.

For just $25, here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5 GB of LTE or 5G data
  • All 5 GB can be used as hotspot
  • Nationwide LTE coverage, 5G coverage where available
  • No contract

Nationwide coverage, no contract and unlimited talk and text are great features that are included in all our plans. It’s the other features, however, that make this plan unique and perfectly suited to certain users.

5 GB + unlimited talk and text for just $25

At $5 per GB, data prices don’t get much lower than Ting Mobile’s. After adding 5 GB to our base $10 unlimited talk and text plan (Flex), you’d be paying $35 on your monthly bill. As reasonable as that is, this plan saves you $10 off the bat. Not bad, right?

All data usable as hotspot

For larger plans, not only is a hotspot limit understandable, it protects you from accidentally running out of mobile data. However, we understand that many people on this plan may largely want to use their mobile data as hotspot. That’s why all 5 GB are available to be used for tethering.

Unlimited 2G data

Usually, unlimited lower-speed data is reserved for unlimited data plans after you’ve used the large amount of included high-speed data. As we see it, someone using our Set 5 plan can equally benefit from this, which allows them to stay connected for basic tasks. If you use up your 5 GB quota, you’ll still be able to use 2G data at no extra charge. If you do need more high-speed data, simply purchase more at $5 per GB (no, we won’t just let you go over, then surprise you with overage fees later).

Who is Set 5 for?

The Ting Mobile Set 5 plan is perfect for the budget-minded user who needs some mobile data but is great at using Wi-Fi. Do you regularly lower your mobile data consumption by downloading Netflix episodes and music from the streaming platform of your choice? Then you’d know that the occasional streaming for those days you’ve got to see/hear something immediately—plus regular levels of browsing and social media use—will likely comfortably fall under the 5 GB mark. It’s also great if you’ll need to tether to your tablet or laptop at times for tasks that aren’t too data-intensive like email, word processing and other work-related tasks.

Save with Ting Mobile

Think Set 5 may be the plan you’ve been looking for? Give it a try worry-free. After trying it out, if you think another plan may better suit your needs, you can simply switch plans the following month! For example, if you think you need less data and really want to lord how much less you pay for mobile over your friends, check out our Flex plan. And with no contract, you’re free to come and go as you please. See if your phone can come to Ting Mobile