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Survey says: mobile users that switch to MVNOs get better service for less

know your mvno

When we ask people “Did you know that Ting Mobile is an MVNO?” the answer we most often get is neither “yes” nor “no.” The number one reply is by far and away “what the heck is an MVNO?” And that got us thinking. Are we just unlucky in who we pose the question to? To figure it out, we fielded our “Know your MVNO” survey to more than 1,700 people.

Well, it turns out we’re not just unlucky. The term MVNO is unfamiliar to the majority of people out there: 78 percent to be exact. However, if you rattle off the names of a few MVNOs, nearly every one of those people will recognize at least one. It seems it’s not that people don’t know MVNOs, but rather they’re unaware of what an MVNO is. Not to worry, your friends at Ting Mobile are here to clear that up. Because if you know your MVNO, you’ll very likely be able to upgrade your mobile service while saving money.

What is an MVNO?

MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator and refers to phone carriers that use one or more of the major mobile networks to offer service. If that sounds interesting and you’re wondering how MVNOs stack up in other categories, we’ll let the real people from across the country that answered our survey tell you. (Spoiler: MVNOs are awesome.)

MVNOs stand for savings and great service

As you might guess, MVNOs easily stand up to the major carriers when it comes to phone service, with 91 percent of people that switched to one from a major saying their service is now as good or better than before. The big story, however, is the savings MVNO customers experience. The average MVNO bill was less than half of the average major carrier monthly bill, with nearly 70 percent of MVNO users saying price was their main factor in choosing their carrier. With great service and big savings, it’ll come as no surprise MVNO customers are the happiest phone users out there. Nearly all said they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied”, and they’re more likely to recommend their phone company than major carrier customers. Check out the infographic for all the deets!

Know your MVNO infographic

Experience the MVNO advantage with Ting Mobile

Ting Mobile customers certainly know their MVNO, and that’s why they love their phone service. We’ve got amazing coverage and top-rated customer support, but we’re also obsessed with saving you money. At Ting Mobile, you’ll pay for the service you need rather than overpaying for a bloated plan or getting stuck with one that doesn’t measure up. Ready to improve your mobile life? See if your phone can come to Ting Mobile!