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Introducing our superhero team of inexpensive phones: The Affordables!

Picture of inexpensive phones known as The Affordables

In a world where phone buyers are forced to choose between expensive flagship phones with great specifications and underwhelming inexpensive phones, three heroes have appeared to present a third choice. Offering the features, quality and looks of much more costly phones in astonishingly economically-priced packages, their mission is to bring hand-held power and fun to everyone–including you. Introducing… the Amazing Affordables!

Samsung Galaxy A51 AKA “Eagle Eye”

Inexpensive phones: Samsung Galaxy A51

With a highly–advanced camera system, “Eagle Eye” sees everything. The Galaxy A51 packs a rear camera set that would be impressive at any price point. A 48 MP main camera captures striking shots, the 12 MP ultra-wide camera allows for expansive views, a depth camera facilitates beautiful portrait photos and a macro camera brings out the fine details of close-up shots. The best part is Eagle Eye passes its powers of super-sight on to you. Thanks to a vibrant 6.5-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display that seems truly supernatural on an inexpensive phone, you’ll see the world as clearly as the Galaxy A51 does. And don’t worry about Eagle Eye running out of juice when you need it most. A 4,000 mAh battery keeps it going all day, and when it’s finally time for a power-up the A51 regenerates in the blink of an eye thanks to the included fast charger.

iPhone SE AKA “Mr. Bionic”

Inexpensive phones: iPhone SE

Part of a powerful family of phones that appeared in Cupertino, California in the late 2000s, Mr. Bionic was first seen earlier this year in a price range nobody expected such a powerhouse to show up in. Dubbed by some as “iPhone for everyone,” iPhone SE packs a serious punch in a smaller package–and price. The title of hero is well-earned thanks to the A13 processor. The most powerful mobile processor available, it’s the same chip found in its famous cousin iPhone 11. Its AI-assisted camera, meanwhile, takes highly customizable, crystal clear photos and 4K video. As for every phone’s greatest foes, Dust and Water are out of luck. With an IP67 protection rating, iPhone SE is nearly impervious to dust and water-resistant to one meter for 30 minutes.

Motorola moto g stylus AKA “Kid Value and Precision Pal”

Inexpensive phones: Motorola moto g stylus

Even the most capable superheroes know that a trusty sidekick is great to have when your job description includes saving the day. As phone buyers everywhere are learning, there are few teams better than the moto g stylus and its built-in buddy; aka “Kid Value and Precision Pal.” Even on its own, “The Kid” is nothing short of a wunderkind. The moto g stylus boldly challenges expensive foes with a three-lens camera that includes a 48 MP main camera and an ultra-wide video camera. Kid Value continues its cheeky upstart ways by being an inexpensive phone with a 6.4” Full HD display that puts its closest challengers to shame. That big bright screen provides plenty of real estate for Precision Pal to get to work. The built-in stylus gives the moto g stylus a host of additional powers including drawing, precision editing of photos and taking notes on the fly, even when the phone is locked. All this for under $300? Kid Value and Precision Pal are the heroes cost-conscious phone buyers need and deserve for being smart shoppers. 

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