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How to reduce data usage: disable mobile data in your Ting account

reduce data usage

With Ting Mobile, the less you use the more you save. Ting device settings, like the ability to disable mobile data, can help you achieve your budget goals. If you’re new to Ting or are looking for smart ways to save, we want to bring this Ting account device setting to your attention.

Disable mobile data

Where data caps and alerts are about how to limit data usage, the first thing we’ll show you is how to turn off mobile data entirely. At the account level, this is a drastic step. At the individual phone level, it’s a power move.

You might consider turning off mobile data if you’re giving a young child an emergency phone and you don’t want them to have access to mobile data at all. They would still be able to get online using Wi-Fi (assuming their phone is capable) but you can rest assured they won’t accidentally run up your bill with a bunch of accidental mobile data usage.

In the same way, if you’re giving a phone to an aging parent who has no need for mobile data services, turning them off on that phone reduces the possibility of a potentially expensive mistake.

Looking for more ways to save?

Looking for ways to reduce mobile data in Android? You can also save mobile data usage on Ting by setting caps and alerts.

See what you could save

See what you could save

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