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Grieving with Charlottesville

First, the Ting team wants to share our deepest sympathies with the family and friends of Heather Heyer. All lives are precious and all losses are tragic. Heather sounds to us like a particularly tragic loss, a strong, spirited young voice for tolerance, compassion and progress. We need more of those. We are so sorry.

Second, we want to express our solidarity with the entire Charlottesville community. Many of us live in Charlottesville. Many of us have also come to know and love Charlottesville over the last couple of years. We know that Charlottesville did not welcome all this hatred. We know that Charlottesville will rise above it.

Finally, we want to take an unequivocal (although seemingly obvious) stand on the issues at hand.

Like most businesses, Ting will generally try to avoid political statements. There are so many reasonable debates in a democracy and we rarely want to alienate customers, partners, prospects or employees on either side.

There is no reasonable debate here. White supremacy is not a reasonable position. It is disgusting and dangerous.

Anyone who aligns themselves with these beliefs can get their Internet service elsewhere.

We are saddened for Heather, her loved ones and the wonderful community of Charlottesville. We are also confident that this small minority of racists and hatemongers will be sent away to hide in their dark corners as they always do. We shall overcome.