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Great Ting mobile deals all through September

There are some exciting things happening in the Ting shop in September. We’ve got some phones on sale, we’re offering GSM SIM cards for just $5 and to sweeten the pot further, we’re offering free shipping on everything we sell all month long.

Ting GSM SIMGSM SIM cards: $5

80% of smartphones can come to Ting (check yours). For a majority of phones, all that’s required to get up and running on Ting is a GSM SIM card. To make the decision easier than ever, we’ve knocked the price down to just $5 for a Ting GSM SIM card for the rest of September.

Free shipping, site-wide

Everything we sell ships free for the month of September. No promo codes or prequalifications necessary. Just buy something (like a GSM SIM card or one of the phones we’re about to talk about) and you’ll see that standard shipping doesn’t cost a dime.

Phones on sale

We’ve slapped the sale sticker on several phones in the Ting shop, with discounts up to $80. Everything from low to high-end phones is covered, and the sale is primarily on CDMA (Sprint network) phones, but we’ve got one GSM phone on offer too.

Kyocera KonaCricket_Kona_Front_Closed

$20 off at $68

This simple, no-nonsense flip phone is a workhorse for the non-smartphone set. As the Ting shop puts it:

If you’re not interested in making the move to a smartphone or if you just want an inexpensive, reliable flip phone as a back up, the Kyocera Kona is the device you need. As a feature phone, its battery life is counted in days, not hours.

samsung-galaxy-siii_glyde@2xRefurbished Samsung Galaxy SIII (blue | white)

$50 off at $122

This one time flagship may be getting a little long in the tooth, but it’s still a powerful smartphone and at this price, it compares very favorably with other reasonably priced entry-level smartphones. As the Ting shop puts it:

The Samsung Galaxy SIII offers the raw power to get stuff done and data network speed to get it done in record time. Samsung’s own TouchWiz brings with it unique features like a screen that won’t turn off so long as you’re looking at it.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-White_largeSamsung Galaxy S6 (black | white)

$80 off at $568

The latest and greatest from Samsung, the Galaxy S6 is a powerful smartphone with 0 compromises. As the Ting shop puts it:

Evolving from the plastic-backed S5 comes the metal-clad S6: A striking smartphone that’s a proud addition to the Galaxy line of devices.

A powerhouse both inside and out, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 carries an 8 core processor, award-winning 16 megapixel camera and Quad HD display.

BLU Studio 6.0 LTEBlu-Studio-6-Full-HD-Black_large

$45 off at $189

A massive phablet without the massive price tag. Even more so, now that it’s $45 off. As the Ting shop puts it:

The BLU Studio 6.0 LTE is a powerful smartphone that costs a lot less than you might expect for a phone with all that screen and power to boot.

Whoever said you had to splurge on a phablet, clearly hasn’t had their mind BLUwn yet. Sorry. We’re not proud of that one.