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Grab the free Cut the Cord ebook

We wrote a non-digital ebook (typically called a “book”) to hand out at the various events the Ting Internet team finds itself hosting in the various Ting towns.

“Book” might be overstating things a little; it’s a 16-page introduction to cord cutting. Pretty easy reading.

It seemed a shame to have this ebook exist only in non-digital form, unavailable to anyone except those that specifically stop by our booth at whatever Ting town community event we’re taking part in.

So, rather than lament how sad it is that our non-digital ebook would only ever exist if pulp and paper trees continued to give their lives to the cause, we chose instead to transcend the medium of non-digital ebooks.

Cut the Cord: Break free from cable forever is now available as an ebook. A digital one.

Grab the free Cut the Cord ebook

Amazon Kindle Book

Apple iBook

Plain ‘ol PDF Book

Cut the Cord eBook - Table of contents
Cut the Cord ebook: Table of contents.