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Get an additional phone line from Ting for free

Add an additional free phone line with Ting

With the inability to physically be with those close to us, being able to stay in touch in other ways is more important than ever. We’ve been working hard at figuring out how to make that easier and more affordable for our customers, and you’ll notice a few initiatives we’ve taken that we hope have helped.

Our newest is our offer of a free additional phone line to help you or a loved one get reliable service at the lowest possible price. Until end of day May 17, 2020, we’ll permanently waive the line fee for anyone adding a new line, whether you’re a new or existing customer.

In the past, we’ve offered a free additional phone line as a perfect way for you and your significant other to save. Now you can help anyone close to you get affordable and reliable cell service to stay connected for less. We decided to extend the offer past Mother’s Day, though, as a helpful reminder to get your Mom something awesome for her special day.  Unfortunately, this offer isn’t available to those who have previously taken advantage of it (sorry guys, but we hope you’re enjoying your forever-free line). 

These types of promotions are some of our favorites to offer because they allow our customers to really get rid of phone bill worries. At Ting, you only pay for what you use. So if you’re able to use Wi-Fi practically all the time, you’ll pay little to nothing for data. And by utilizing smart data-based talk and text workarounds on Wi-Fi, you can avoid voice charges as well. So with no line fee, you can get as close to spending nothing on a phone line you actually use as possible. 

The fact that usage is pooled and shared across all phones on an account results in savings as well, and we offer powerful tools to monitor and limit usage of each device as well as the account on a whole. 

If adding a free additional phone line sounds like just what you or a loved one could use, you can start off by seeing if the phone in question can come to Ting Mobile. Just visit our easy-to-use online phone checker, which will tell you whether the device can come to Ting (most phones can). 

*For complete information, read the terms and conditions.

Try Ting with your phone

Try Ting with your phone

Most phones work on Ting with no changes required. Confirm that yours is one with a risk-free BYOD check.

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