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From live TV streaming to big mergers: five cord-cutting trends to watch for in 2019

Looking back, 2018 was an amazing year for cord cutting. Never before has it been so easy to cut the cord and still watch the shows you love. Now, 2019 looks like it will be even better for cord cutters.

Here are five cord-cutting trends to watch for in 2019.

More live TV streaming services


Look for a flood of new live TV streaming services trying to cash in on cord cutting. We already know about T-Mobile’s plan to release a streaming version of their TV service in 2019, but look for other companies to launch their streaming services as well.

Now, these new live TV streaming services may not be Sling TV type services but there could be more cable networks offering a live feed of their channels sold directly to consumers.

New on-demand streaming services

Keep your eyes open for a flood of new on-demand streaming services. The two big ones to look for include AT&T’s new streaming service built on the Turner media content, which includes HBO. Disney is the other big one with a new family-friendly streaming service coming in late 2019 that will focus heavily on Disney’s content and even new original Disney programming.

New home Internet options


2019 will likely be the year new Internet options come into their own. From services you know, like fiber, to new Internet options like 5G and Fixed Wireless. Increasingly, new Internet providers are moving in to take on the giant cable and phone companies.

Now, with wireless and fiber Internet expanding, watch for new Internet options for cord cutters slowly popping up around the country.

Cord-cutting mergers

In 2019, you will see companies trying to buy up other streaming services. We already know Disney is buying a majority of Hulu, but it likely won’t stop there. Look for other companies trying to buy up smaller streaming services in an effort to get a bigger cut of cord cutting.

Cord cutting is growing so quickly, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the changes and really understand what is happening. What we see today may very well be different in a few weeks, so keep an eye out. New cord-cutting products and services we’ve likely never even dreamed of may be arriving in 2019.