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This DIY boombox can save your next party

DIY boombox

Create a DIY boombox with your phone in minutes flat

So you’re stuck at a party without an AUX cord or a wireless speaker for your smartphone. What to do? We’ve got you covered with this DIY boombox.

Pump that playlist you’ve been waiting to show off with a DIY boombox that will take just minutes (seriously) to throw together. Consider this a level up from that old “toss your smartphone in a chip bowl” hack. Which also works, by the way, if you’re short any of the materials below.

Step one: get your materials together

You’ll need the following:

  • Two disposable beverage cups. Red Solo Cups are perfect and hopefully handy at whatever soiree you find yourself.
  • One paper towel roll without the paper towel. We experimented with a toilet paper roll but found the size and durability of the paper towel roll better fit with our iPhone 8.
  • Scissors and a marker.
  • Your phone.

Step two: boombox, assemble!

Begin by cutting a lengthwise slot into your paper towel roll. Make it wide enough so your phone can slide in.

Trace the paper towel roll onto the sides of your cups. Cut along the lines you trace.

Slide paper towel roll into the cups so there’s one on both ends.

Position your phone in the paper towel roll slot. Crank that playlist.

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