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Community tips on how to disconnect from technology

how to disconnect from technology according to Ting's community

In a world where everyone is becoming increasingly reliant on technology for everything from working from home to staying in touch with friends via video calls, it can feel harder than ever to unplug and disconnect.

It’s completely understandable that you’ll likely be spending more time in front of screens, and more time online, given current circumstances. And we want to be clear, we’re not saying that being connected and relying on technology to get you through this tough time is bad. Far from it! It’s the only thing keeping a lot of us here at Ting sane.

It is, however, also important to remember to find time away from technology. Spending too much time on your phone, and other devices, can affect your mental health, concentration and sleeping patterns.

That’s why we asked the Ting community on Facebook and Twitter to share their tips on how to disconnect and take a break from their screens.

Establish designated tech-free time

One great method to ensure you’re getting some time away from your devices is to establish specific times, or activities, during which you will stay off them.

Stacy P, for example, commented that she and her family do a tech-free (except for school/work) day once a week where they do not allow any recreational screen time.

If a whole day sounds like too much for you, you could always just disconnect from technology one afternoon a week. Or maybe just an hour or two. Heck, even just banning phones at the dinner table is a great place to start.

No matter how long, or how often, you do it, having designated times when you are not on your devices is great. Having a rigid structure can make it a lot easier to take a step back from everything that technological connectivity can throw your way.

Take up a hobby

At the moment, many people are finding themselves with plenty of time on their hands, which makes it the perfect opportunity to learn something new or rekindle an old passion.

You could try out some tried and tested hobbies such as learning an instrument, like Connie R, or taking up painting, like Corinne M. 

Or you could try something a little different. Why not try your hand at quilting? Or making felt animals? You could even learn a new language!

Focusing your brainpower on something stimulating is an awesome way to channel your attention and disconnect from the world at large.

Spend time with your family

With everyone on their screens all day, it can be hard to find quality time with your family. So why not put your devices down and spend some time together?

Joshua C and his family play card games together every night, Ray N plays board games with his little clan, and Michelle G and her kids spend time together cultivating their garden in the backyard. Have you tried any of these? 

Whatever it is that you choose to do with your family, disconnecting from tech to make time for your nearest and dearest is a sure fire way to hit that mental reset button.


You know what’s really tough? Playing Candy Crush while you’re on a run. So, if you’re looking for a way to separate yourself from your devices, why not try working out?

Some people find cardio workouts, like running and cycling, therapeutic but these exercises aren’t for everyone. Dominique F, for example, has taken to hula hooping in her garden. 

There are literally hundreds of different ways to exercise so it’s just about finding what’s right for you.

Getting your sweat on is a sure fire way to clear your mind and shift your focus away from the busy world that technology brings with it.

Play with your pets

As with almost everything in life, the solution can also lie with our furry and feathered friends. 

If you’re really trying to detox from your devices for a bit, we challenge you to play with your pet for five minutes and try to remember the last website you were last on. 

Take your dog on a walk, like Sandy M, play with your cat or just feed the birds outside. It’s amazing what a bit of creature comfort can do for you.

We don’t know about you but as soon as our pets come to play, our attention is immediately drawn to them. In fact, it can actually make writing articles a little diffic…

So there you have it, five great suggestions to help you take a step back, disconnect from technology and take a little detox time.

How are you disconnecting? Let us know in the comments below.