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Apps to call my phone I lost at home (even if it’s on silent)

call my phone

How annoying is it when you’ve lost your phone somewhere in the house? It’s obviously far preferable than having lost it lost it somewhere else, but dang, is it ever infuriating. I know you’re here phone, just be cool and show up. Thankfully, there are easy ways to find your phone even if the ringer is off or the battery is dead. Here are the answers to that unfortunately popular question: “How do I call my phone I’ve lost at home– even if it’s on silent and I don’t have another phone?”

Built-in “Find My Phone” feature

Many of you will be familiar with the ability to track a phone that’s in another geographic area, whether it’s been lost or you’re keeping tabs on your kids. However, it comes as news to some of us that this same feature can be used to find your phone that’s hiding somewhere in the house. It’s possible thanks to the nifty option of making your lost phone ring, even if the ringer is turned off or it’s in silent mode. And while Find my iPhone may have come first, most newer Android phones have this feature as well. 


Is your Android phone next to you right now? Good. Now make sure that:

  • You’re signed into your Google account
  • Location is turned on
  • Find My Device is turned on
  • Your phone is visible in Google Play

You can get instructions on how to do those things here. Now you’re ready to vanquish the most nefarious couch cushion intent on hiding your phone from you. When your physical search for your lost Android has proven fruitless, just go to Sign in to your Google account, select Make it ring. Even if your phone is on silent, it’ll ring. Alternatively, you can use the Find My Device app installed on another Android. Got a Google speaker (Google Home, Nest Mini)? Then you can show off with a hands-free way to find lost phones. Try saying “Okay Google, call my phone” or “Okay Google, find my phone.”


The O.G. of phone finding. To make sure you the feature is enabled, tap Settings, Apple ID and then Find My. Ensure the following are turned on:

  • Find My iPhone
  • Enable Offline Finding
  • Send last location

Perfect. Now when your iPhone is being sneaky, head to Apple ID and tap on the correct device. Tap Show in Find My and then on the following screen tap Play Sound. 

Call my phone with a Bluetooth tracker

While those built-in tools are great at finding your phone, a Bluetooth tracker has the ability to track down a number of objects. When your phone is synced to it, just pressing a button will cause your phone to ring. The great thing about many of these trackers is that they’re two-way. Let’s say your tracker is on your key ring, which you can’t find for the life of you. Go into the app and ping your tracker, and it will give you an alert. You can slip your tracker into your wallet, or even stick special slim models on smaller items. 

Bluetooth has a limited range, so you’ll need to be in the vicinity of your item (thus making it great for when your phone is lost at home). However, certain Bluetooth trackers can be useful if you’ve lost an item outside your house. With Tile (probably the most popular brand), there’s a  feature called “Community Find.” By selecting Notify When Found, you’ll get an alert anytime someone with the app comes into range of your item, and you’ll be given your item’s location. It’s a great alternative “track my phone” option. The process is automatic and anonymous, so they won’t know your item is there. Other trackers have this feature, but with over 25 million claimed devices, Tile by far has the largest community.

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