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Best phone plans: 3 reasons Ting Mobile beats all

If you’re on the hunt for a new mobile provider, we’re sure that you’ve seen every carrier claiming that they have the best phone plans in the market. 

You’ve probably seen companies touting all the add-ons that you can get or all about the money you’ll save if you just sign this contract. We’ve even seen carriers touting their integrated customer support systems. Good luck getting a human on the phone.

Sure, we’re a little biased too but we’re here ask you to block out the noise, ignore the spin and just hear us out as we lay down some facts that we think proves Ting Mobile has the best phone plans in the three areas that matter most. 

Best phone plans: cost

Let’s be honest, no one likes paying their phone bill. That’s why we don’t have unpleasant surprises like add-on fees to make receiving and paying your bill as painless as possible.

Our plans start at just $10/month and we have plans for every type of data user. 

There’s our Flex plan for the low data users who are often around Wi-Fi, the Set 5 and Set 12 plans for the middle of the road users and our Unlimited plans for those who like to get the most out of their phone. 

So, regardless of how you use your phone, there’s an affordable plan that’ll suit your needs.

There’s no need to add multiple lines to save, no additional charges for access to 5G coverage or other gotchas.The only add-ons you’ll see are state and local taxes which all carriers are required to collect and remit.

Here’s what one happy customer had to say on the topic of our prices: 

A quotation from a Ting customer on our best phone plans "So I got my first bill under Ting's new cell plans...and it's $15 for the month. That's less than I plaid for my landline during college. I don't want to sound like a commercial, but c'mon: if you hate your cell bill, check them out, folks."

Now we know what you’re thinking: “these prices seem awfully low, the service must be inferior”.

Well, we’ve got news for you…

Best phone plans: service and coverage

Sure, an affordable phone bill at the end of the month is awesome, but you need to know that your savings aren’t coming at the cost of quality.

Ting Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (or MVNO) that uses the exact same network infrastructure as some of the biggest carriers in the United States. You can rest assured that you’ll have great coverage on Ting Mobile. 

We offer 4G LTE coverage from coast-to-coast and with a 5G compatible phone, lightning fast 5G too. 

Again, why don’t we see what our customers have to say about their experience? 

A quotation for a Ting customer saying "Did a road trip through 3 national parks and 4 different states and had phone service everywhere. Ting Mobile I am impressed"

Still not convinced? Check service in your area using our coverage checker

Cell service, however, isn’t the only service that matters when you’re claiming to have the best phone plans. There’s also customer service to think about.

This is an aspect of Ting Mobile that we love to talk about, since we’ve been honored to see our efforts paying off in Consumer Reports‘ annual reader surveys for several years.

When you call, email or live chat, you’ll always be greeted by an actual human who is ready and eager to help. 

That’s right. No phone trees, no automated systems, just a smart, capable member of our support team who’s ready, wiling and able to answer whatever question or solve whatever issue that you may have.

Want to hear what our customers have to say about it? 

A quotation from a Ting customer on our best phone plans saying "I originally signed up for Ting based upon the prices, but I'm staying forever because of the customer service. The bar for CS in the cell industry is super low, but Ting's is consistently the best I get across any industry".

Best phone plans: Flexibility

We don’t believe in locking people in. Our customer retention strategy is to offer great service at fair prices and to help anytime we’re needed.

We don’t do contracts and we don’t lock you in on a specific plan. You can simply call our customer support team and switch plans whenever it makes sense for you. No change fees, no one trying to talk you out of your decision. While we work hard to make sure you don’t want to, you can also cancel your plan altogether at any time.

Ting Mobile things the best mobile plans are flexible by design. The appropriately named Flex plan starts at just $10/month. If you use data it’s just $5 per GB, pay-per-use. Data is even shared across lines on the same account.

The best phone plan is smarter mobile

So there you have it, three reasons that Ting Mobile has the best phone plans in America. Our plans are affordable, offer superior service and offer flexibility built in. 

You can bring your existing number and your own phone to Ting Mobile. Use the Ting Mobile compatibility checker to confirm. 

So what’s left to do in the search for the best phone plans? Head over to our plans page, pick the one that suits you and start saving!