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Avoid data shock with these summer saving tips

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Protect your wallet and your phone this summer: avoid data shock with these summer saving tips

Every year, we see mobile data use spike in the summer. That’s because more people are away from Wi-Fi. Most of us are out and about, at the beach or on a road trip, enjoying the warm weather. The problem is, we bring our phones with us, and are more likely to use Google Maps to navigate and stream our favorite playlists on Spotify.

The same way you wouldn’t go outside in the summer sun without sunscreen, a hat and water, there are a few simple saving tips and tricks you can take with you to protect your phone and your bill too.

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For your vacation: Download Google Maps for offline use

A little advance planning can go a long way. If you’re out of town exploring a new place, Google Maps is an undeniably helpful tool. The problem is that you can rack up a ton of data navigating with Google Maps, especially if you’re checking it over and over.

Spend a couple minutes in your hotel planning your day on Wi-Fi. We recommend downloading areas of Google Maps for offline use. You can also grab screenshots of detailed routes so you have a play-by-play to keep you on track during the day.

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For your beach party: Take your Spotify playlists offline

Did you know music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music make up 18 percent of mobile app usage time (Statista, June 2017)? Whether you’ve got Apple Music, Google Play or our personal favorite, Spotify, you definitely have the ability to download your tracks for offline use with any paid subscription.

Like mapping your route, taking music with you requires a bit of advance planning and discipline (try to resist downloading a song you forgot while you’re at the beach) but it can go a long way to protecting your phone from scorching data fees.

We love grabbing Spotify’s playlists in advance so you get a bit of everything. You can even match the mood of your party to the playlist. Think the ultimate sunset beach playlist.

saving tipsFor long weekends: Decrease Facebook mobile data

Facebook IQ shared some interesting mobile usage trends for the summer of 2016. Facebook saw data consumption speed up in the summer on mobile devices and said content posted on mobile grew by 26 percent. What’s more, video content posts increased by 42 percent.

summer savingSummer fun means more sharing, posting and updating your status. Sure, it’s fun to let everyone know what an awesome summer you’re having (best summer ever!) but be wary of spending too much time posting and consuming content when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

You can limit your Facebook data directly in the app. Avoid uploading big video files or photos until you’re back on Wi-Fi. Your wallet will thank you.

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For your road trip: Bring Netflix with you, without the data

Netflix data from 2018 showed that 30 percent of new subscribers watch on their phone. Statista also reported a 30 percent increase in Netflix family and children content consumption in the summer and said 86 percent of parents wished they could bring their children’s favorite TV shows and movies along with them during the summer months (Statista, 2014).

data saving tipsNetflix makes it easy to download shows and movies and watch them later on your phone or tablet when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

Grab some of your kids’ favorite shows for that road trip to Grandma’s or treat yourself to a Stranger Things marathon on your flight down south.

Don’t forget the basics: mindful phone use and staycations

data shockAirplane mode, a phone stack with friends and keeping yourself in the moment. It can be hard to do, but just putting your phone down or even leaving it at home for a walk can really help you soak up the summer and unplug.

We, for one, love a good staycation.

Taking time off at home is affordable and gives you some much needed time to pursue those unfinished home improvement projects.

Your phone will thank you too. We love these interactive mobile games for groups for staycation fun. They take family game night to the next level.

You don’t have to skip on fun to save this summer. All it takes is a little advance planning and mindfulness. A few changes to your mobile habits can go a long way. Share your favorite data saving tips in the comments below.