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3 reasons Ting Mobile’s unlimited data plans are the best

Two smartphones displaying the Ting Mobile site. One lists Unlimited at $45 per month, one Unlimited Pro at $55 per month.

As we’ve recently discussed, there’s never been a better time to get consider unlimited data plans. 

Things are starting to open up in the U.S. which means heading outside and away from Wi-Fi. Add to that developments in phone technologies that actually make unlimited worth it and to top it off, unlimited plans have never been cheaper.

We’ve also cautioned against considering unlimited data plans from one of the major carriers. There are many reasons which we won’t go into here because we’re done dwelling on the bad side of mobile.

We want to talk about smarter mobile, so we’re going to explain why Ting Mobile’s unlimited data plans are the best unlimited plans going.

Our Unlimited data plans are affordable

Price is the first thing people look at when picking a mobile phone plan. We created our unlimited data plans with this in mind.

Our Unlimited plan is just $45/mo. For this, you get: 

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 22 GB of LTE/5G data and unlimited 2G data.
  • Up to 12 GB of hotspot data

If you’re looking for even more fast data, consider our Unlimited Pro plan at $55/mo. With Unlimited Pro, you get:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 35 GB of LTE/5G data and unlimited 2G data
  • Up to 18 GB of hotspot

We shouldn’t have to say this but these aren’t introductory rates. You don’t have to activate multiple lines to unlock them. There are no gotchas.

A great price is all well and good but not if the service is second rate.

To which we say…

Our service is superior 

Coverage is another key consideration when it comes to choosing a carrier. What’s the point of unlimited data plans if you don’t have the coverage to use it?

Ting Mobile uses the same network infrastructure as some of the nation’s largest carriers. You pay less, get the exact same coverage and Ting Mobile’s incredible customer service. A true trifecta.

You’re covered with LTE coast-to-coast, and with a 5G-cable phone, super-fast 5G in the ever-growing 5G footprint.

Map of U.S. suggesting coverage. Image copy reads: Get coast-to-coast coverage with Ting Mobile

With price and coverage uh, covered, customer service is the next box to check to claim cell phone service superiority.

Our customer support team is a bunch of friendly, helpful people who take great pride in giving Ting Mobile customers the best experience possible.

At Ting Mobile, there’s no automated systems, no phone trees and no hours spent on hold. 

We’re incredibly proud of our customer service team. Get in touch to see why.

So, to recap:

  • Price ✅
  • Great coverage ✅
  • Customer service ✅

Sounds like something worth trying. Too bad about the contracts. Oh, wait…

We don’t do contracts

Many unlimited data plans require a contract and often multiple lines to unlock the advertised price. 

We don’t play those games. We believe that people should be able to change carriers without penalties. The service is what should make customers want to stick around, rendering contracts unnecessary.

At Ting Mobile, we’re very proud of the fact that people stay because we give them no reason to leave, not because we have locked them in. 

In other words, there’s no risk to trying a Ting Mobile unlimited data plan. While we’re confident Ting Mobile will exceed your expectations and you’ll stick around, we don’t lock you in. Your patronage, your phone and your phone number are yours to take where you will.

No contracts. No fees. No funny business.

Want to try one of Ting Mobile’s Unlimited plans?

All that’s left is to give us a try

You can bring your own phone to our service (if it’s compatible, most are) or buy a brand new phone to go along with your brand new plan.

Give Ting Mobile a go. We have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll never want to leave.