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2019 Retrospective: taking a look back at Ting in Holly Springs

Ting Internet in Holly Springs

Happy New Year, Holly Springs! We are excited to kick off the year because we have a lot to look forward to in 2020. In the spirit of new year goal setting and planning, we thought we would take a quick look back at what we were able to accomplish in 2019.

We are happy to announce that we completed our Holly Springs buildout with the exception of new subdivisions. Those new subdivisions are either scheduled or in the process of being built so we are really proud of our progress on that front.

During the summer months, we lit up Town Hall Commons – our first small retail development in Holly Springs. We are so proud to watch Holly Springs grow and work with developers to bring Ting Internet to new communities in the area.

Ting workspace - 2019 retrospective
Holly Springs office - 2019 retrospective

One of our biggest projects in 2019 was the building of the Ting Experience Space at Town Hall Commons. Though a challenge, we’re happy to say that it is scheduled to open in February! We think it looks amazing—a perfect place for Holly Springs residents and visitors to come and experience our service first-hand, as well as join us for upcoming events!

In 2019 we entered new territory with the installation of Ting TV satellite dishes which, in turn, brought about Ting TV Beta Testing. We are excited to hear about your user experiences, analyzing your feedback and watching that service evolve.

2019 retrospective Holly Springs

Last but not least, Ting sponsored some really fun events throughout the year, like Beericana, the Farmers Market, the HS Robotics Club and a couple of others. This was a great way for the Ting Team to meet the residents of Holly Springs and feel like a part of the community. We can’t wait for more opportunities to meet up with you this year.

Moving into 2020 we hope to build upon our success here in Holly Springs and connect with you even more!

Wishing you a great 2020,
Todd Rubin
City Manager, Holly Springs Team