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It’s the 12 days of Ting contest

This December, join in on the 12 days of Ting contest

Every day from December 1-12, we’re posting fun, holiday themed questions on Ting social channels. We want to hear your creative answers!

We’re giving away handcrafted Ting ornaments to 12 lucky winners. Every day we’ll post a question to a different social media account including the Ting Facebook, Twitter, reddit and Instagram pages.

That’s an ornament giveaway each day for the next 12 days.

How to enter: follow Ting

Follow Ting on all our social media accounts for the best chance at winning an ornament!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • reddit
  • Instagram

    Keep your eyes peeled for our contest questions, coming out every day from December 1-12. One question will be posted each day on one of our social channels. All you have to do is respond to or comment on our post with your best answer.

    Based on our audience across social media, we’re giving away:

  • 7 ornaments on Facebook
  • 2 ornaments on Twitter
  • 2 ornaments on reddit
  • 1 ornament on Instagram

    That’s one ornament per day! Really want to win? Follow Ting on every channel.


    12 days of Ting

    Our ornaments are being handmade by a Ting customer, Kelsey. Her shop is called Wired Life. Be sure to check out her work! She makes some truly incredible things.

    Winners will be chosen the day after their question. We’re picking our favorite responses.

    You can be a Ting favorite by telling us something unique, sharing a personal experience or making us laugh. If you hit all three, you’re almost guaranteed to win!

    Note: winning not guaranteed. Kelsey can only make so many Ting ornaments.